Drawing 11

Today I drawn heads, this time I using different tools, because today I using pen. I like pencil and pen to draw because they are easy to handle. but pen is more challenging becouse it has one strong stroke, unlike pencil that usually I can manage the shade of the stroke.

using different techniques to know they fuction, today I draw with fundamental techniques and reference. the other is only using my imagination. I really shock the difference between them. here I show you

this drawing using fundamental techniques and reference, and

this drawing is using only imagination.

its clear that one with fundamental techniques and reference has better quality than one with imagination.

This because using imagination is harder than using reference, thats why its better than other.

This is mean I need to study more and practice drawing techniques in order to draw well with imagination.


Drawing 10

its been long time, since I not to drawn. but now im draw again. maybe I found may inspiration again. like a bullet through my brain